Our Mission is to empower the development and wellness of GenZ, on their terms.


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Our Platform

Launching at the end of 2019, the :betr platform will embrace technology for the good. Building positive communities through the use of curated, original, and user generated content that leads with humor, builds connection, and provides unique insights and actionable items to :betr deal with the challenges facing GenZ today.



What is :betr?

:betr is an emerging media platform that exists to empower the development and wellness of the GenZ to live :betr every day! By creating and curating the most positive, inspirational and motivational content in GenZ development and wellness, we will provide one place for youth and young adults to come to when they need these resources. This will all be done on their timeline and on their terms.

What do you mean on their terms?

Simply put, we believe as a media platform we should be a resource for the next generation to come to when they need it, not just when we want them to. Our metrics are based on purpose driven content, how well that content engages our audience and what gives them the inspiration and motivation they need every day. As much as they need us, we will always be here and won’t push an agenda on anyone. Transparency and privacy are of utmost importance to us and we know how important it is these days to you also.

Are you just on social?

Nope! Ok, well for the next few months we are but we are diligently working on a badass app and web platform that should launch later this year! Wanna be in on the action and help us test it out? Signup on the contact page for first dibs.

Why the change from BLUEPRINT and ScoutDay?

:betr is the merging of two great platforms who’s purpose it was to provide unique help and content to specific demographics (student-athletes and baseball recruiting). While our focus will still be on student-athletes to begin with we strongly believe that life is so much more than sports and every piece of content we produce and curate should speak to the larger demographic of the generation.

Now that ScoutDay is :betr will you still be a resource for recruiting?

Yes, of course! While it’s not our core focus at :betr it does fall into our development pillar. The best of ScoutDay’s resources and advice will appear in much of our motivational and inspirational content. Feel free to let us know what kind of information you would like to see in this area in the future by clicking here.

I have some pretty unique life experiences I’ve gone through, can I submit some stories for publication?

Absolutely you can! In fact, we highly encourage contributions and as we grow as a community we would love for you to grow with us. There will soon be a submissions page for you to send us your stories, videos, and ideas. Remember, we are looking to keep everything positive, fun, and light! Hit us up in the DM’s or shoot us a note through our submission form or directly to us at info@livebetr.com. We can’t wait to hear from you all!

Are you hiring?

Well we’re glad you asked! We are always looking for amazingly talented people in the content creation space, as well as next level engineering talent. In addition to these positions we are always looking to hire contributors and experts to work with us to help build a :betr community of content creators (see above). Check out our careers page for opportunities to join our team.

How can my business partner with :betr?

We would love to talk with you and your business if you are interested in partnering with :betr to build this platform for change! Our partners are purpose driven, like minded businesses who want to authentically make an impact in the next generation! Shoot us a quick email to info@livebetr.com and let’s chat! We have some great opportunities in editorial and branded content partnerships, social partners, community partners, and so much more! IDEA IS KING, and we are excited to discuss any and every opportunity with you!




Former Facebook exec launches startup with 'positive-only' Gen Z content

Q: What inspired you to launch Betr?

A: Betr came about because we ultimately wanted to create a community of optimism and hope for young people. We don’t have all the answers, but knew we could build an ecosystem that would. We decided on ":betr" as a group and believe it’s a perfect reflection of our mission. The logo is the work of our team and an outside partner. It creatively fits our target audience with a blend of emoji and simplicity. The brand exists to remind us all to take a step back, see the positivity around us, live [better] and never forget to smile.


This new Gen Z-focused media platform highlights mental health

"Positive media is nearly non-existent and is mostly limited to personal blogs and occasional Instagram memes,” Arrix said. “Too many issues of our young people are going unaddressed, and we believe it’s time to do something about it.”


Former Facebook VP Launches Media Company Called :betr, focusing on Gen Z health & wellness.

"We’ll be developing content, including educational topics and podcasts, that allow us the ability to drive into a subscription model, if the time is right," he said. "If you look at the world of education, and especially universities, offering development and wellness resources is a major challenge."


:betr Announces Positive Media Platform to Unlock Development & Wellness for GenZ

“We have a chance to develop our relationship with GenZ in a very unique, meaningful and fun way. Young people don’t seem to have enough ‘fun with meaning’, in their busy lives, we’re going to change that,” says Jon Willey, COO of :betr.


What Makes for Great Leadership: Q & A With Ex-Facebook VP Tom Arrix

Tom Arrix has been building technology and communication brands for decades.

As head of marketing and sales at various corporations, Arrix witnessed the industry’s transition from the early days of the internet in the ’90s up to today’s all-digital strategy. Throughout his career, Arrix had stints at Turner Broadcasting, CBS Sports and Facebook, where he took on the vice president of global marketing solutions for North America role from 2006 to 2013. As the head of marketing during Facebook’s early days, the executive was responsible for leading the team that built what we’ve come to know as Facebook’s biggest source of revenue, changing the face of social media forever.


Our Experience



Business Operations Director/Bizops Lead

Why you? You are the ‘get shit done’ type who longs to take those strategic goals and break them down into tactical operations as quickly and efficiently as you can. You eat KPI’s for breakfast and can’t wait to get to lunch. You have an insane organizational and detail-oriented skill set, while also being able to bring together multiple teammates with opposing views to hug it out at the end of the day. You are in this to build and scale a company that will make a difference for many generations to come!

Remember, we are looking to keep everything positive, fun & light! Apply now or hit us up directly at careers@livebetr.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Click here for the full job description.

LEAD VIDEO/Visual Mastermind

Why you? You are the one who dreams in non-linear timelines. Who sees what's being passed off as video content today and screams a little bit internally each time, knowing if you only had the chance to re-edit that story you could make a much larger impact. You innately understand the difference between high-level productions and what can and should be captured on your iphone. You’re an efficient and passionate storyteller who is ready to mold the next generation of creative storytellers on a daily basis.

Remember, we are looking to keep everything positive, fun & light! Apply now or hit us up directly at careers@livebetr.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Click here for the full job description.

Content Operations Director/Content Ops Choreographer

Why you? You were the kid growing up who had each lego in a color coded bin, separated by size and type; even after your friends came over to play, you didn’t hesitate to make them to help you put them all back where they belong. Process and organization drives you every day in everything you do, but you balance that with a great sense of pride when projects come to fruition from other teams. You are an expert in building teams, processes and distribution that will help scale :betr’s growing content team and content channels. Together, we’ll impact a generation for the positive!

Remember, we are looking to keep everything positive, fun & light! Apply now or hit us up directly at careers@livebetr.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Click here for the full job description.