Editorial Engagement Intern

Are you looking for a paid editorial/engagement internship for the summer or fall semester? If so, we have something that may interest you. We are :betr (see below for a bit about us) and we are hiring! In this position you will get an intimate look at how a fast-growing new media start-up functions across various departments. This is an exciting opportunity for an aspiring writer/content creator who loves pop culture, sports, college life, storytelling & who wants to learn firsthand about digital media in a dynamic start-up environment. You will work closely with the content & creative team in our sweet workspace in Boston, MA on each stage of the content life-cycle, from research to transcription to writing to curation and publishing

you know you're right for this job if:

• You are passionate about development & wellness in GenZ

• You have a deep knowledge of digital media & how content moves through the digital ecosystem

• You have a strong passion for trends, pop culture, sports & lifestyle topics that are hot these days

• You’re funny AF & are a big fan of Wendy’s Twitter account

• You desire to change the narrative & break stigmas around what it is to be GenZ

• You’re a dependable team player

• You remain poised while working in a fast-paced environment

• You have excellent attention to detail & organizational skills

• Your communication skills are strong

what you'll do:

• Story curation

• Story ideation, research & fact-checking

• Interview transcription

• Work closely with :betr’s content team

• Build stories in our app/web ecosystem

• Pitch ideas for unique content around GenZ development & wellness

• Perform general editorial admin duties

so are you in?

If you just muttered ‘hell yes’ to yourself with somewhat of a fist pump, drop your info below.

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