Kristen Thiess

Project Manager

Kristen was born in Romania and raised in Southern New Hampshire. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and fell in love with the arts. She attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a major in painting.

At the age of 22 years old, Kristen discovered yoga. She went on to study yoga in India and become a certified yoga instructor. Kristen’s love for yoga is multi-layered and she not only enjoys the physical aspects but also the philosophy behind the teachings. Yoga has changed Kristen’s life as she uses that knowledge to help guide her through her journey. She’s a strong believer that all things are possible through understanding and removal of obstacles. Kristen exudes mindfulness and strives towards sharing these techniques with others so that they may live a :betr and more meaningful life!

Kristen enjoys traveling with her husband. They have visited over 23 countries together so far! She loves spending time with her loved ones, animals, creating art, cooking vegetarian meals, reading and helping others.