Former Facebook exec launches startup with 'positive-only' Gen Z content

Q: What inspired you to launch Betr?

A: Betr came about because we ultimately wanted to create a community of optimism and hope for young people. We don’t have all the answers, but knew we could build an ecosystem that would. We decided on ":betr" as a group and believe it’s a perfect reflection of our mission. The logo is the work of our team and an outside partner. It creatively fits our target audience with a blend of emoji and simplicity. The brand exists to remind us all to take a step back, see the positivity around us, live [better] and never forget to smile.


This new Gen Z-focused media platform highlights mental health

"Positive media is nearly non-existent and is mostly limited to personal blogs and occasional Instagram memes,” Arrix said. “Too many issues of our young people are going unaddressed, and we believe it’s time to do something about it.”


Former Facebook VP Launches Media Company Called :betr, focusing on Gen Z health & wellness.

"We’ll be developing content, including educational topics and podcasts, that allow us the ability to drive into a subscription model, if the time is right," he said. "If you look at the world of education, and especially universities, offering development and wellness resources is a major challenge."


:betr Announces Positive Media Platform to Unlock Development & Wellness for GenZ

“We have a chance to develop our relationship with GenZ in a very unique, meaningful and fun way. Young people don’t seem to have enough ‘fun with meaning’, in their busy lives, we’re going to change that,” says Jon Willey, COO of :betr.